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SEAWEEDS A natural source for plant Growth & Protection. 

Seaweed An organic nutrient supplement –one source- for many field crops:

Citrus fruits,
Vegetables and

 Major Benefits                                              

  • Improved growth                                                                   
  • Improved establishment
  • Increased resistance to heat and frost tolerance
  • Increased resistance to insect and fungal attack
  • Improved health and productivity of crop
  • Improved quality and yield
  • Improved shelf life of fruit

Australian Seaweed or Kelp

Seaweed or Kelp grows abundantly along the pristine, clean coastal lines of Australia. The cold environment is naturally suited for seaweed. The seaweed is gently collected at high tide, without damaging marine life or the environment, while replenishment occurs naturally.

NATRASOL Sea Products Pty Ltd is Tasmania based leading producer of Australian Seaweed products. NATRASOL products are premium quality certified Organic Input products. RAMTECH Enterprises is pleased to be associated with NATRASOL as an Export Agent to market their products in India.

Please visit www.natrasol.com.au for more detailed information about their products.


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