RAMTECH Enterprises

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The following products are sourced from one of the finest manufacturers of the respective prodcts having state of the art technologies. While sourcing the product we collaborate with our business associate KEPRA Industires, who make sure that quality is as per required specification and schedule is maintained. 
Guar Gum
Tamarind Gum
Aluminium Phosphide
Pigment Green 7
Pigment Blue 15 (Alpha Blue)
Phthalocynine Pigment
Direct Dyes
Reactive Dyes
Disperse Dyes
Acid Dyes
Solvent Dyes
Vat Dyes
Food Dyes - Natural
Food Dyes - Synthetic
Optical Brightener
Sodium HexaMetaPhosphate
Sodium Benzoate
Cobalt Nitrate
Maleic Anhydride
Benzoyl Chloride
Acid Violet 49
CI 42640
Solvent Black 7 (Nigrosine Black)
CI 50415:8
Solvent Blue 4
CI 44045:1
Acid Green 25
CI 61570
Acid Blue 9
CI 42090
Acid Blue 1
CI 42045
Solvent Violet 9
Victoria Blue B (Basic Blue 26)
CI 44045
CI 16185
CI 14720
CI 45430
Indigo Carmine
CI 73015
Ponceau 4R
CI 16255
Sunset Yellow FCF
CI 15985
CI 19140
Oleoresin Paprika
CI 14720
Capsaicin (Natural)
Resist Salt (Meta Nitro Benzene Sodium Sulphonate)
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